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These Boutique Fabrics are manufactured using latest techniques. Designed in compliance with the latest trends, our Boutique Fabric are coveted by the people belonging to elite class. In order to satisfy the varying needs of our fashion conscious clients, we offer these Boutique Fabrics in various patterns, beautiful prints, trendy fabric and elegant designs. Apart from this, we can arrange various boutique fabrics in terms of

  • Colors,

  • Trends,

  • Designs,

  • Fabrics.

Boutique Manufacturing is a method used for the custom production of certain products in limited quantities by hand or with a restricted level of automation. Products produced this way often include designer dresses, ceramics, furniture, amplifiers, yachts, boats, leather goods or watches and jewelry among others. In industrial countries, boutique manufacturing is being selected generally for high class goods in upper price levels and only for single products or small batches.


Benefits of our Boutique Fabrics

The key advantages of boutique manufacturing in comparison to traditional factory manufacturing with batch fabrication, large or mass production are as follows:

  • low investment in factory automation
  • high flexibility during manufacturing
  • quick alteration of product types produced on every workplace or production line
  • supports build to order without the necessity of using many pre-assembled components; creation of value caused by assembly takes place mainly at the end of the production flow.
  • allows an unachieved level of product individualization

Care Instructions

Most of our Boutique Fashion products have care instructions on the page along with their description. However, to keep your Style Is Boutique Fabric pieces looking and feeling great, it’s worth knowing a few things about ....

  • Cotton
  • Organza
  • Beads
  • Sequins
  • Hand-Painted Fabrics


Cotton is a favourite Fabric in our Boutique’s Artwear.  The main Benefits of this Cotton Boutique Fabric are:


  • Cotton (Boutique Fabric) is a natural fiber, and is comfortable because of its softness. As it is breathable, it is cool to wear in summer yet warm during winter.  Hence it is the ideal fabric for Ladies’s wear, Teen's wear and all casual wear for Women's.
  • The fact that cotton (Boutique Fabric) wrinkles easily may add a unique character to some clothes while some styles and designs must be sewn with this Boutique Fabric to bring out the best effects.
  • People who love Cotton find that it does not irritate the wearer’s skin or generate static electricity.
  • Cotton (Boutique Fabric) is hypoallergenic and therefore suitable for people with Allergies, Asthma and Sensitive Skin.
  • Cotton is a green Fabric. Coming from plants, it boasts the environmental benefits of being a renewable Resource, Sustainable and 100 percent Biodegradable.
  • Also, the Cotton production process uses fewer chemicals as Compared to Synthetic Materials.

Care Instructions of Embellished Boutique Fabrics

Special care must be taken when washing and ironing Embellished Boutique Fabrics. Embellished Boutique Fabrics refer to those with organza, beads, sequins and paintings on them.

Washing Instructions for Boutique Fabrics

  • Soak the Fabric separately for more than a few minutes.

  • Hand-wash with tap water, gently swirling it in mild detergent.

  • When removing light soiling, do not scrub on the painted areas as this will spoil it.

  • Remember not to stretch Boutique Fabric, twist or wring the fabric while washing or rinsing.

  • When the Boutique Fabric is clean, drain the water by pressing your hands down onto the wadded Boutique Fabric to press most of the water out.  Alternatively, you can let the wet Boutique Fabric drip away most of the water before putting it on a hanger to dry.


  • Do not let the iron come into direct contact with sequins, beads, stones and crystals.  Instead, carefully iron around them with the iron.

  • When ironing a painted area, place a press cloth as a barrier between the fabric and the iron.  The press cloth can be a piece of fabric from an old tee-shirt or a piece of cotton material.

  • When ironing organza, adjust the iron to low heat, otherwise it will melt the Boutique Fabric.


Wholesale Boutique Fabric

We offer Wholesale Boutique Fabricsfor boutiques all over Delhi/NCR. Consequently, boutique manufacturing closes the gap between piece production and small batch/low volume production. The workflow organization of a boutique manufacturing entity can be a mixture of both – elements of jobbing or batch production, however involving higher standardization than the first one. Often boutique manufacturing workshop and factories are organized with single workplaces or production cells carrying out a number of subsequent production steps until completion of certain components or even the whole product. Flexibility and variety of products being able to produce in the entity therefore are much higher than with the more standardized method batch production.

We supply Wholesale Boutique Fabrics to:

  • Boutiques
  • Retail Shops
  • Wholesale Business
  • Home Business

  • Online Retail Business
  • Online Wholesale Suppliers

with satisfied customers all over Delhi/NCR territory.